Friday, December 19, 2008

Social|Median Acquired By Xing

One of my favorite social news networks, Social Median has been acquired by Xing! According to a post by Jason Goldberg, The entire socialmedian team will be joining XING as part of the acquisition and Jason himself be relocating to Hamburg, to lead a major new initiative at XING, the XING Application Platform.
Since I joined the Social|Median, pre beta stage, I had a very high regard for Jason, the team and mostly, the idea. I saw it grow from few net works to more than I could count. Eventhogh the number of networks were large, I could chose what I wanted and I also added what I liked or loved. Some people thought that I was worthy to be concidered a newsmaker and I found a plethora of nice and decent people I could concider as news makers.
I have been a regular daily user of the site, Social|Median and a proud owner of initial S|M tee shirts that Jason and team gave away to good people like me!
I wish all the best to the Social Median team and specially to Jason, from whom I learned how to be nice to people and be available, even when people are not looking for you.
Best of everything Social|Median!

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