Thursday, December 25, 2008

RIAA Gets Facebook To Shutsdown Playlist!

Part of what used to be Michael Arrington's Playlist page.
In the face of litigation threat, facebook has cleared away all the traces of playlist from users pages and banned the playlist application from the face of the facebook. According to Techcrunch, they released the following information;
"The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) initially contacted Facebook last summer requesting the removal of the Project Playlist application for copyright violation, and recently reopened those communications. We have forwarded the RIAA’s letters to Project Playlist so it can work directly with that organization and music labels on a resolution. In the meantime, the application must be removed to comply with the Facebook Platform Terms of Service. Our hope and expectation is that the parties can resolve their disagreements in a manner that satisfies the developer and copyright holder, that continues to offer a great experience to music fans, and that doesn’t discourage other developers from using Platform to share their creativity and test new ideas."
Winnie with a 15 Billion valuation is not a hotdog I guess, you solve your problems and I will watch!!. Read more at TC.

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