Friday, December 05, 2008

Losing Your Degree To Social networking.

When I saw that title "Social Network Profile Costs Woman College Degree", I went what? but as I read the article, it was evident that something else was afoot.
I guess she had made mistakes in her professional and academical carrier, before letting a photo and a comment about her supervisor, provide the last stroke, that chopped her off from getting the degree she desired.
If you want to keep social profiles, it is fine, we all do. Just be a bit wary of people who sees what you do and use it for their advantage. Keep you friends circles closer and netizens at arms length. If you really want to show you finishing six packs in one go, think, before drinking as well as posting that drooling picture. If you must post it, perhaps you can post it in another profile with a nick name like "Drunken Pirate". So your college teachers (don't they have better things to do?) will not be able to find their students in lingerie commenting on that mole on teachers face.
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