Friday, December 26, 2008

Location Based Social Networking With Vodafone And Pocket Life.

Location aware social network, Pocketlife has gone public and I am already loving it! If you are a cheating type, I think you should stay away from this network because the other half, you are playing on will know where you are!
Not entirely true, it is only if you let it slip as privacy features allows to you be visible or not based on your preference. But if you are willing to let your friends and close ones know where you are, it is a pleasent service. What is more is that one could integrate with their Myspace, facebook profiles. Pocket Life is compatible with over 30 phones, you can find a list of compatible phones here but my iPhone has to wait a bit till it is labeled "coming soon". But my partners blackberry bold is doing fine.
Pocketlife has the giant Vodaphone behind it's back. The fact that the vodaphone is the largest telecom company with it's hands in many mobile companies all over the world, might help pocketlife to beat it's mobile social networking competitors.

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