Saturday, July 14, 2007

I have an ID, OpenID

After putting off for a long while, I got my OpenID today. I am using it on sites that promote OpenID and might use myself on an upcoming project.
But that is a different task from just end user OpenID. Getting your OpenID is a simple task, lasting less than a minute.
If you're an end-user and want to learn more and acquire an OpenID, check out the iwantmyopenid.org website on ways you can helps spread the good word about this fantastic new technology.
But as a developer, you might want to go here, OpenID website. WeSeePeople will be integrating OpenID for the project WeSeePeople and I am heading to above site to immerse myself in an identity crisis! Because, I have tried many ID systems and have failed to create a meaningful solution. There is also a bounty for any new startups that use OpenID and the identity solution.
Once you have gained your OpenID, you can test out the PIBB site, OpenID's communication platform. You can login with your OpenID account and view some of the channels that have been created. I went directly to the Pibb Discussion channel. Pibb has a newly updated interface but I do not know the old one so, this is the only one I know. But the usage was easy and did not run in to any problems.
Get identified, globaly

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