Friday, July 20, 2007

FaceBook and Parakey give adobe a itch! at least to a evengelist!

I was at Techcrunch and found out that FaceBook has purchased Parakey, WebOS that was soon to be released. If you are unfamiliar with WebOS or wondering what it is, Richard Macmanus' article (a bit old) should shed some light!
What is Parkey? I think you know by now that it an venture started by Co-Creator of Firefox, Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt to make life easier for average Joe! There is little to be known about the Company and the project! I just got this IEEE publication link from CrunchBase.
As I was writing this blurb, (That is all I do!) I came across another article wondering if Parakey+Facebook is a challenge to Adobe Air. I thought the article was a good one until I came up to the point "That makes it sound like a fairly limited application that you could build on top of Adobe AIR." That put a sour taste in my mouth!. And I am sure the author has not seen Parakey! other than a simple description of it. evangelize Adobe in another way!
Anyway the rest of the article is a fairly good sum up of the recent events surrounding FaceBook acquisition of Parakey and FaceBook's interest in Rich Internet Applications.


Ryan Stewart said...

"Limited" was probably a bad choice of worlds. I just meant hat Parakey seemed more focused on media files than general filesystem access.

But you're right, I haven't seen Parakey. Has anyone? I got the impression that it was still very private beta.

Thanks for the feedback.


ravenII said...

Hello Ryan,
I think I also used wrong words, i realized after posting! Anyway Adobe AIR is good! ;) I am using it now!