Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Business Summit Chicago: September 17-19, 2007

If you need to Blog for your company or even thinking of starting a blog for your company (Aren't you late already?) this is a good opportunity to gain some insight in to Business Blogging. I will be attending just to know about the blogging world, even though I have no immediate plans for business Blogging. But Blogs are a part of Social networks that I live day in and day out. I might even get to know some famous Bloggers!
But if you are like me, I will go through See you at the Blog Business Summit? on MyBloglog! and I am certain you will get a discount! as Mybloglog is one of the sponsors. So make sure you go through the sponsor page mentioned on MyBloglog blog and the discount code listed on the article above.
The Blog Business Summit is a conference and seminar series on business blogging that has been touring the country since 2004. Since then, our experiences have only confirmed what we’ve known all along: blogs are incredibly powerful. We’ve used our own blog to bring people to our events by creating a buzz via online word-of-mouth, search engine traffic and cross-linking. And we can teach you to do it too!
You can get details about the Summit here.

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