Thursday, July 05, 2007

Adam Hertz and Tantek Celik leaves Technorati!

Adam Hertz and Tantek Celik has left Technorati to pursue other interests according to a post by Dave Sifry.
I am not much familiar with Adam other than that he was the VP of Engineering. But Tantek, I have known (not on personal level) for a while. According to Dave they will not venture very far from Technorati. Adam will be the first Fellow and Tantek will be on the Board of Advisors.
As per Dave;
"So, as both leave Technorati to pursue other interests, I simply want to say: thank you. I also want to say that it makes me very happy they both will remain as part of our extended family. On the fourth anniversary of Technorati, it seemed the right time to create a Technorati Fellows program and I've asked Adam to be our very first Technorati fellow. In this role, Adam will continue to offer strategic advice and support to me and to others here at Technorati moving forward. Tantek will join the Technorati Board of Advisors so we'll continue to benefit from his guidance and wisdom as he moves on to ever-greater heights."

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