Thursday, November 01, 2007

MySpace Goes OpenSocial (Aka MySpace is in Google's Fold)

After Opening up OpenSocial APIs and getting Socail Networking websites to join, Google has scored again. This time it has got assurance that MySpace will join the consortium.
It's not entirely surprising, given that Google's ad deal with MySpace, any other business deals, if there are any, the deal is a win for Google's plan to stake out a place on the social Web as well as MySpace to hold on to the it's space against incoming onslaught from Facebook. MySpace recently made a fact with Skype too, to provide VoIP services to MySpaceIM. "OpenSocial is going to become the defacto standard for developers instantly out of the gate," MySpace cofounder Chris DeWolfe declared at a press conference at Google today.
Currently MySpace has 70 million activen users worldwide, still more than Facebook's 51 million.
According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the two companies have been working together on this fact for more than a year. Most recently, Schmidt met with Peter Chernin, president and chief operating officer of News Corp., to seal the deal. "The Web has moved to its next stage," Schmidt says--the social Web.
Besides MySpace, other sites that have signed up for Google's OpenSocial platform include software distributor Salesforce.com and blogging software firm Six Apart, which runs TypePad and LiveJournal. Application developers who are working with OpenSocial include iLike and Slide, travel site SideStep and payment firm PayPal.

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