Friday, October 05, 2007

Twittracking (Twitter Tracking)

The main attraction of Twitter for me is that you don't have to tied to a computer in order to keep in touch with your friends or contacts. Same token I like to get updates. So any phone that supports IM and Texting (Which phone does not today?) will help you to twitter! You could always could follow friends and your friends could follow you. But what if you wanted to know if someone is posting about social networking or Bookmarking. May be it is a major announcement about FaceBook? What if you are at a conference and want to find out who else is there, to make new contacts so you can add themm to your twiter list!?
According to a post on Twitter Blog, Twitter Blog: Tracking Twitter, now you can!! Hooray!!!

"Today we're releasing a tiny feature to do just that, and we're calling it "Track." If you've set up your phone or IM on Twitter, you can send a command like:

track NYC

When someone (anyone who updates in public) mentions "NYC," you'll get it on your device in real-time. From there you can send "whois username" to find out more about that person, or "follow username" to follow his or her updates. Don't want to receive anymore about NYC? Toggle it off with:

untrack NYC

You can create as many of these as you want, so send "track drinking tea", "track iphone", "track walking san francisco" and you'll receive matches for all. Want to get a list of what you're currently tracking? Send "track" alone (or "stats"). Turn them all off by sending "track off".

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