Monday, October 01, 2007

Top 10 Open source Social networking / bookmarking tools, according to Ajaxflakes.com

I am positively working with some of the tools / software listed by Ajaxflakes. Specially the first three, Pligg, NewsCloud and Drupal. Others either I have come across or plan to check out.
Bunch of sites that I have will have some of these tools embedded or certain modules incorporated. I think they are great tools and I think Ajaxflakes did a good service by bringing them up. Also you can leave your own tools or software if you think that they are worth to be added to the list.

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alice said...

The social tool I'm using is 8hands and I love it.
It's a desktop tool which aggregates all my profiles and provides notifications from all my social networks straight to the desktop.
super cool.