Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Structural Code changes to prepare Gmail for Tomorrow

If you are a Gmail user as I am, (I got invited early in the run somewhere) you would have noticed the phases that it went through. I always like Gmail and it is becoming my major email application, even more after the free IMAP introduction. Calendar is a world of help to me and Google Docs integration, allows me to do most my work on a Nokia N800, and I am looking forward to upgrade it to a N810.
Other features like chat, voice mail, I use less frequently.
According to a post on blog, Gmail team has been working on a structural code change that will be rolling out to Firefox 2 and IE 7 users over the coming weeks (with other browsers to follow). They also say that you won't notice too many differences to start with, but the new model they use enable to iterate faster and share components (Gmail now use the same rich text editor as Groups and Page Creator, and the Contact Manager can be seen in several Google apps). A few other things you will notice are some new keyboard shortcuts and the ability to bookmark specific messages and email searches.
Thank Gmail Team. I am enjoying my Gmail.

Official Gmail Blog: Code changes to prepare Gmail for the future

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