Monday, October 29, 2007

SpinVox spins Voice into Social Networking and Micro Blogging.

ATLANTA & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The power of social networking and microblogging increased significantly today with the announcement from SpinVox, the global leader in Voice-to-Screen, that posting on Facebook, Jaiku and Twitter can be now achieved simply by using your voice. `Social Networks through SpinVox` enables voice-driven social networking from any mobile phone.

Social Networks through SpinVox is launched today as a key element of the new, state-of-the-art SpinVox website. People can create an account on www.spinvox.com, where they can manage one, two or all three of their networking sites from one, personalised page. In addition, accounts can be set up so that one voice-powered contribution can be posted automatically to all three networking sites. SpinVox expects to extend this capability to other well-known social networking and micro-blogging sites in the coming months.

No need to wait for web access or use a keyboard

Now bloggers can generate posts by simply speaking into any mobile handset. Social Networks through SpinVox then automatically creates text and then posts directly to their chosen sites. People can now contribute to Facebook, Jaiku or Twitter wherever they are - no need to send an SMS, try to log on to the web from a mobile or wait until they get home and are online. If a user wants to share something immediately with their online community - an urgent piece of news, a review of a great film or their latest holiday adventure - they can. Bloggers are no longer off-line just because theyre out and about. It can all be done through a simple phone call.

Capture your thoughts, emotions and experiences `in the moment`

SpinVox is all about using voice to enable person-to-person messaging through any network or service - whether by SMS text, email, blog, or social network walls and spaces, said Christina Domecq, CEO and co-founder of SpinVox.

The use of social networks and micro-blogging sites has exploded in the past few years, but, so far, theyve lacked true mobility and so are not achieving their full potential. Whether youve just walked out of a concert or have discovered a great new place to eat, your voice can now be used in place of the keyboard to tell the world the news and capture your thoughts, emotions and experiences `in the moment` as and when they happen.

Builds on the lead of Spin-my-Blog

In February 2007 SpinVox enabled voice to enter the blogosphere for the first time with its ground-breaking service, Spin-my-Blog. The service was the first to allow users to post their thoughts onto a blog by calling a phone number and speaking the message, which is then converted automatically to text and posted on the site.

The launch of the Social Networks through SpinVox service is a further groundbreaking development for Web 2.0, which is largely characterised by the power it gives users to generate and share their own content, added Domecq. SpinVox is a natural interface between online and mobile worlds - and is already in use by LiveJournal users in the blogosphere - enabling the power of Web 2.0 communities to go truly mobile.

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