Friday, August 10, 2007

Apple using Social Networking sites to promote iTunes.

Apple seem to want to ride the social networking and web 2.0 vehicle for free. It has not invested on any Social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace but it is using the shear popularity of iTunes and iTunes users to promote itself. I would say now iTunes users are creating adlets to be placed on social network sites, users blogs and web sites.

How about a free song for every 5 referal?

Apple is offering iTunes users three new Web tools to let them promote music through social networking Websites such as Facebook or MySpace, or their blogs and Websites.

The three available My iTunes tools offer users tools to publish information about iTunes purchases, reviews or favorite artists. The tools are Web widgets which users add to their pages.

The widgets can also provide information pertaining to film or TV shows downloaded through the service.

The tools are available from within the iTunes Store. Navigate to the store in iTunes, access your account information and you'll find controls to enable the three new Web widgets, which include:

My iTunes Purchases: This widget tracks your most recently purchased music, music videos, TV shows and films.

My iTunes Reviews: This widget tracks any music or video you have assigned a four or five star rating too on iTunes.

My iTunes Favorites: This collects together those artists by which you have purchased the most music from iTunes.

I read about it at PC World

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minister of enlightenment said...

so why is this "riding the social networking site for free"? we did the same at rebtel when we developed our own widget for facebook: we're facebook users ourselves and simply wanted to be where our users are.