Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where Is The Complete Privacy? We Can't Find It! Google Says To A Pennsylvania Family .

I think this should be an interesting story. Can you stop me from looking at your house or anything visible in your house from a public road? (Oh the house is on a private road but visible from a public road!).
But I think if I was living in that blocked section of the road and if I want people to see me on the Google Street View, I might be able to sue Google for discrimination! Wow I love This Country!
As you can see, the street view stops here! It may be possible that Google removed it due to the law suite. Click on the image to goto Google Maps.

JULY 30--Arguing that technology has ensured that "complete privacy does not exist," Google contends that a Pennsylvania family has no legal grounds to sue the search giant for publishing photos of their home on its popular "Street View" mapping feature. Responding to an invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by Aaron and Christine Boring, Google has countered that the couple "live in a residential community in the twenty-first-century United States, where every step upon private property is not deemed by law to be an actionable trespass."
The Smoking Gun has the complete article.

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