Thursday, July 03, 2008

Kevin Konnolly, A Rolling View From Ground Up.

Today I saw some photographs that were very unique. I (we) always see the world from 6 feet high or there about and some time crouch down to look at a creepy crawler or a dropped coin. But we never think of living that level, for the rest of your life.
Kevin Connolly did, he had to because he was born without legs. But that minor detail did not stop him from being active in sports like skiing and getting medals for it like at 2007 X-Games. But he also has to answer to questions from various people regarding his legs. Like a small boy asking if his legs were eaten by a shark! I think Kevin answers those questions with a smile filled face.
He also went to school to learn about photography and film. And in 2005 he started to photograph people from ground level, basically from his skateboard that he uses to get around. He takes his photos without looking through the view finder, he shoots from his hip. Kevin has gained wide acclaim for his first professional photo project, "The Rolling Exhibition." For more information on this project, navigate to www.therollingexhibition.com. Kevin currently lives in Bozeman, Montana as a photographer and professional skier. For more information on Kevin's other endeavors, please navigate to www.kevinmichael connolly.com.
Thanks Kevin, for inspiring us!

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ankur said...

Kevin is not just a man but he is a complete man

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