Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Famous Army Medic, Joseph Patrick Dwyer, Passes Away

Warren Zinn / Army Times
The soldier in the photograph above, Joseph Patrick Dwyer has passed away due to an apparent overdose according to various news sources. The photo shows him running cradling an Iraqi boy who got injured during the first week of the war. This photo graph appeared in newspapers, magazines and television broadcasts worldwide. It also showed that human love and caring for small ones, could come out even under enemy fire. I salute you Dwyer, for being human. Dwyer in turn attributed the same quality to the whole unit, who also did similar deeds but did not get caught in camera's eye.
I hate the human cost of the war, any war!

Dwyer died late last month at a hospital in Pinehurst, according to the Boles Funeral Home. He was 31. Dwyer served with the 3rd Squadron of the 7th Cavalry Regiment of Fort Stewart, Ga. He earned the Combat Medical Badge and other military awards.

I am sure the boy will remember him, if he manage to live through bombs and snipers.

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