Friday, July 04, 2008

Barak Obama's Change may have come form Underware, Brand, Change!

Change and underwear goes along very well but I don't think Barak Obama and underwear does. But this post depicting a beautiful model and change, shows that Barak Obama's Change may have come form Underwear, Brand, Change!. Don't shoot the messenger.
"Obama’s change is on top, and the font, as has been widely discussed in the Times among other places, is Gotham (designed by Tobias Frere-Jones - yes, Sasha’s brother). The Danish underwear’s change does not seem to be Gotham, but it’s awfully close - the ends of the “C” are vertical, the inside hook of the “G” is slightly smaller, and the tips of the “E” are of different lengths. That said, you really do have to line the two up side-by-side to be convinced that Obama didn’t just rip off the design of this Scandinavian swimwear and lingerie company (but if you’re going to rip off design, that’s a good part of the world to pick from)."
you can find more information of the account here.

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