Monday, June 09, 2008

Traxee, a social networking site for running women

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) June 2, 2008 - Tuesday Creative, an interactive agency based in Los Angeles, announced the launch of the public beta of Traxee.com, a comprehensive social networking site addressing the needs and lifestyle of nearly 6 million women runners in the United States.

The site, conceived by veteran marketing and creative executives Beth Moore and Julie Running, offers a fun and secure space to connect with other women runners. In addition, Traxee.com contains essential tools to track members' fitness goals and offers growing content for women athletes on training, health and nutrition issues, and the latest in gear and apparel.

Moore was inspired to create Traxee after her own experience and perspective as a female runner. “In my early thirties, I was an out of shape chain smoker. I couldn’t even fathom running 10 yards, let alone a marathon. It was purely on a whim that I took a turn around the track at my husband’s gym one day…that was a lap that completely changed my life.”

"Traxee provides a unique space for women who live an active lifestyle", Moore continues. "For women, being physically strong, feeling capable and getting what we want out of our lives is interwoven with our sense of who we are as human beings. Being a successful athlete, regardless of whether you are training for a marathon, a 10K, or just working up to your first mile, is all about goal setting and achievement. Traxee community members support each other, provide invaluable training advice and share their experiences both on and off 'the track'."

According to American Sports Data (ASD) women's running has experienced a surge over the last 5 years and female runners now comprise nearly 50% of the running population in the United States. Nearly 6 million women are frequent runners, logging 100 or more days of running per year.

“When we created Traxee,” Running adds, “we realized there are lots of sports-related media out there for women. However, much of this media focuses on fashion, weight loss and other superfluous issues – we wanted to create a place for the women who take running seriously and recognize that fitness is a lifestyle. We look forward to growing Traxee.com based on the needs and desires of the community. Women runners are now a powerful force in athletics all across the world. It's an awesome privilege to be able to provide a space for women at all skill levels of the sport to share their experiences and support each other."

Founded in January, 2008, the Traxee mission is to join together, inspire and support women runners in all stages of the sport, from fitness running, to training, to competition. Traxee's distinctly female perspective on the athletic lifestyle reflects the essential balance between strength of body and strength of spirit. Through a fun, supportive environment of likeminded women, comprehensive content, expert advice, the latest product information & reviews and innovative interactive tools, Traxee community members can set, track, achieve and celebrate their goals "on the track" and in life.

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Kara said...

What a great idea! Women networking sites are popping up all over the place, with all sorts of specialties.