Saturday, May 17, 2008

Google Friend Connect Brings OpenSocial, Social Networking To Any Site Without Programming.

We all create websites wishing to attract visitors. Some may have millions of pageviews and yet only will have only a few hundred pageviews a day. But we continue providing content hoping to attrct more visitors. Even websites that are not social networks are based on being social social. But the barriers to offering true social applications on sites have been huge until now. Google Friend Connect changes the landscape by offering Social Gadgets created by Google and OpenSocial developers. Now web developers and web site owners can offer these gadgets on their sites without having to delve into whole new development ball game. This means more visitors spending more time on a more engaging website and the exposure in connected sites as well, all these with absolutely no programming required to make it happen. I think and say Bring it on, I will take it!
If you are interested, you can apply for a beta account at Google friend connect site. Here you can find some example sites.
Here is a video with a overview.

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