Monday, April 14, 2008

Block That Facebook Beacon Light

The Advertising 2.0 (or is it 1.9) entry by facebook, the facebook beacon brought a lot of criticism when it was launched. Now there is another helper to fend off stealth marketing by Facebook. This time it is flugpo and mydataismydata.org.

A new internet explorer plug-in which is actually a tool bar, will allow users to monitor and delete cookies created by the Facebook Beacon advertising system. The cookies are used by Facebook to inform a user's friends about his or her purchases.

The free MyDataIsMyData plug-in developed by mydataismydata.org, and sponsored by social network Flugpo will provide multiple options for monitoring and deleting cookies, offline content and visits to Beacon's partner companies.

"Selling private information for profit unbeknownst to the users is an abuse of trust and MyDataIsMyData.org hopes to empower users by allowing them to control the amount of personal information that they make visible."

Press release

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