Thursday, November 22, 2007

Facebook Beacon Lets Your Secrets Out

Last night I saw a small TV news clip about facebook and it's new advertising beacon. It involved a couple, a boy and his girl friend, both facebook members. The boy already knew what his girl friend bought him as a Hanukkah gift, a pair of gloves.
She got the present from overstock and through facebook beacon he knew what she bought, where and of course the price she paid!. The surprise factor was certainly lost.
Moral of the story is that advertising 2.0 may not sit well with all the people. So facebook need to some cleaning up of the it's beacon.
Perhaps better to start with how about the beacon is off unless the user turns it on. Or, allow user to mark which purchase is private and which is not!. Whatever the case, find a solution. Otherwise advertising 2.0 might fall on it face!

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