Sunday, January 13, 2008

Time for socialising the real way! (Indian Way ?!!)

Not that anything wrong with it. India has a history of socializing longer than most people in other countries can even imagine. When Europeans were still finding out how to live in caves, India had two major civilizations around it. They knew how to count, they wrote books, they traveled, ( they had free travelers rest houses in each major village or cities). So I guess it is safe to say they were socializing, long before, in many different ways, perhaps some what primitive in todays standards of facebooks and myspaces.
But the article I am going to point you to does not take you through history lessons. It just tells us about social networking fatigue! in modern day world.
"What was once novel becomes routine. And when you reach that stage, it's time to step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself where your real world friends are. You could pop into a bar or have them home for a real chat, for between work, play and other things you do in your life it's just not possible to keep up."
Yes it is little different for us in bay area, SF CA. I have found more real life friends to go out and have a drink with. I also keep my real friends close at hand to go out and get drunk, too.
But there is some truth to what the author, Rahul Sharma, has to say as well. The newness of social networking can die off fast. Once you know the layout, it is like playing GT4 on Playstation. You cover all the circuits once or sometimes twice. You go through the races, win cheat and soon it is over. Now you are looking at sony to release the new version. While waiting you load the game once or twice just for the heck of it.
So there is no facebook two or myspace 2.0, and people run over to other networks like orkut, dating sites or million other sites that has Social Network Badge on it, like specific social networking sites catering to specific groups such as hamster owners.. But some stick to those social networks because they work for them. You can find new channels and people in your profession or carrier. But it is hard for people like me who wear multiple hats, professor or scientist by the morning, consultant and systems designer by afternoon, and blogger by night. But I am very secular as well. My cell phone say do not leave a message becaus I do not listen to them, keep the caller ID open and if I know you, I will call you. Office phones are another matter. Some one will answer or I will, if I am in a good none busy mood.
So do I have time to digg deep into social networking sites. Not really. I get dragged there by people I know and the circle gets you some times. Yes Social networking fatigue could get you if you are on/in a boring site. (which does not?). It might be also that people tend to look for next best thing, according to the author, next best thing!
"Communities are fun, so is social networking, but for me the newness of the experience is beginning to fade. I can't hang around on the same site forever because the next one that appears around the corner might be just that much more exciting."
So it could be the reason that second life attracts and keeps people, because of the variety and the different ways of socializing!
You can find Time for socialising the real way here.

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