Wednesday, January 09, 2008

OpenIDDevCamp Don't Miss It, Come Join Us This Weekend!

After having a very good time in Vegas and CES, I had to get back to Bay Area. But all is not that bad! Why you may ask! Yes you may. It is because the first OpenIDDevCamp which is said to be inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, iPhoneDevCamp and MacHack among other things, will be hosted at at the San Francisco offices of Six Apart, and all are welcomed.
I will be certainly be attending as I am working with three projects that have OpenID integrated of has in the plans to do so. I really want to pick the brains of those fine folks that know OpenIP better than their own faces.
OpenID.net has this message for you;
"If you’re already in San Francisco or will be coming into town for MacWorld, want to learn more about OpenID, you should definitely drop by. Please RSVP for OpenIDDevCamp on Upcoming. Maybe you’ll even find out from Yahoo! what is going on with OpenID tags on Flickr?"
So spread the word, get together to promote this fine ID platform.
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