Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Foreigner Registration System In Japan.

Japan Times is reporting that foreigners in Japan going to get a new card, a registration card!. Foreigners in Japan has always been a hot topic and both sides, foreigners and Locals have been at odds 1950s. It is big issue in Japan that still one can see "Japanese Only" just like a few decades ago here in USA had signs that said "Whites Only". But those signs in USA is long gone but Japan continue to have those. It is important as I will have to spend some time of my life in Japan, because My partner is Japanese!.
The government plans to abolish the current registration system for foreigners living in Japan and introduce a new regime similar to that for Japanese residents that will manage them on a household basis, Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama said Friday.
The new arrangement, which is being examined by a team at the Justice Ministry and the internal affairs ministry, is expected to introduce a new registry system under which detailed information of foreign residents on a household basis, instead of an individual basis, will be kept by local governments.
Critics view the new system, however, as increased state control.
The JT article By JUN HONGO
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