Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is Large Number Of Users making Social Networking Sites Like Facebook and MySpace Slow?

Watchmouse, leading website monitoring company, has released a report on accessibility and availability of Social networking sites. I was surprised to read that "Facebook performance was poorest of all"
"The Netherlands, January 10, 2008 – Popular social networking sites fail to deliver to their users, according to WatchMouse. Research from the leading website monitoring company has shown that web 2.0 sites often are slow to open or fail to load properly. WatchMouse monitored the time it took the social networking sites, listed on Wikipedia, to load. The results showed that the worst for availability is the immensely popular Facebook."
Complete article, Social networking sites slow and inaccessible. This article also covers about other sites like Twitter, last.fm, Windows Live Spaces, Friendster and del.icio.us. which also said to be slow.
Complete Site availability index could be found here.

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