Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Studywiz Spark Launches LearnSpace for Students, Teachers and Parents

MENLO PARK, Calif., Nov. 13--Studywiz Spark, the first and only Dynamic LearnSpace for K-12 education, today launched in the United States. It gives teachers a place to easily manage, personalize and distribute 21st Century content and curricula. Studywiz Spark offers students a place to safely explore and learn, and gives parents a place to engage in their children's education. Furthermore, it provides administrators a place to secure a return on their investments in technology and learning. Studywiz Spark is developed and marketed by Etech Group.

"As students continue to take advantage of new technologies and content, we are providing them with an environment that leverages these exciting 21st Century tools," said Bob Longo, Etech's Executive Vice President. "Forward- thinking schools recognize this need, and have expressed resounding enthusiasm for a LearnSpace that will enhance student learning in a safe and well managed context. It is also important to note that Studywiz Spark was exclusively built for K-12, with a keen understanding of their unique day-to-day challenges."

"We're very pleased with Studywiz Spark," said Jeff Mao, Coordinator of Educational Technology, Maine Learning Technology Initiative, Maine Department of Education. "Our goal is to provide our students with a collaborative place where teachers are empowered by 21st Century management tools. We believe our students are benefiting from the easy access to technology-enabled, rich content, while interacting with their peers and teachers in the safe learning environment. Our teachers are especially enthused by the system's capabilities that support student achievement, like the built-in assessment tools."

Studywiz Spark, deployed globally in more than 15 countries, including Great Britain, Australia and China, provides a place that creates an enriched learning environment for students. It helps make educational content more dynamic by enabling personalized learning, active communication and real-time assessment. Using Studywiz Spark, teachers, students and parents can take advantage of capabilities to enhance learning, including: RSS feeds, iPod synchronization, podcasts, eLockers, eBulletins, multi-media galleries, messaging, chat, discussion, online polls, testing and reporting. Studywiz Spark provides access to a Dynamic LearnSpace using any device, from any place, at any time.

"Southgate has used Studywiz Spark for two years, and it has been an amazing experience for the students, teacher and parents," said Kathleen Alessandro, parent and technology committee member for Southgate Community Schools, Mich. "No longer do the teachers need to patch together solutions - they are able to incorporate RSS feeds, podcasting, real-time polling and other multi-media components into their teaching, with one place to organize it. Parents appreciate being more in touch with their student's day-to-day educational experience through Studywiz Spark."

News at Web site: http://www.studywizspark.com/

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