Saturday, October 06, 2007

My Own Private (MySpace, FaceBook) Social Network

Economic Times of India writes about many Private Social networks popping up everywhere. Starcom MediaVest Group has already launched SMG Connected, a private social network for employees. According to the ET article; 2,060 people, have signed up for their own pages where they can create profiles that outline their jobs, list the brands they admire (Nike, Starbucks), and describe their values by choosing from words such as creativity and humor.
Corporations are being nudged along by employees, and not just the digital-savvy Generation Y that’s now entering the workforce. More 30-plus employees are signing up with Facebook to trade daily updates with colleagues and friends. They’re also building lists of contacts from among the 13 million professionals on LinkedIn. At Ernst & Young alone, 11,000 workers now have Facebook accounts.
That translates into a juicy new sales opportunity for tech companies that sell networking products. Everyone from IBM to Microsoft and on down to startups like intro Net-works , Awareness Inc., and Jive Software, are offering applications and services. One company, SelectMinds, has created social networks for 60 companies, including Lockheed Martin and JPMorgan Chase.
It is hard to explain the impact of social networks in our everyday lives, let alone the corporate desires. Follow the link for In-house social networks boom.

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