Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Social-Networking Sites get neked! logically

An article in Business week is letting us know that many a social networking sites opening their sites to content developers. Basically providing an API to include services and mainly members into content rich services.
These mega sites invite large and rich companies like phone companies, music and film producers into their fold. This is a two way street, both the sides benefit, may at the expense of users!
Seeing the light, Now, several social networks are about to open up. Facebook—aimed at college students and a pioneer in opening up its APIs—will move its developer program out of beta testing. Rivals such as News Corp.'s MySpace.com, LinkedIn, Friendster, and Google's orkut are expected to follow suit and open their code to third-party developers this year as well.
The largest and most talked about social networking site, Linden Labs Second Life, did not get mentioned in the article but are even going into lengths such as open sourcing client portion of the software used to run the Second Life.

Business Week Social networking article

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