Monday, February 19, 2007

Lonelygirl15 says "I Know Who Killed Me"

weseepeople: Lonelygirl15 found, and she is an actress! was published a while ago and now it is time see if she could do some real acting job.
The lonelygirl15 seems to be producing a movie with controversial actress Lindsay Lohan. The idea of social networking site like Youtube or other sites could be used to ones or twos or threes advantage if used right. Like Lonelygirl15 and her producers did.
The pay off for every one involved including viewers seems to be right. The popular movies or short takes may pave the way for movies or TV Shows, depending on the popularity.
May be sites like people aggregator could provide a way for the general measurement of a product or an articles popularity and pass it over to the big boys.

People Aggregator, I will be working on it and writting more about it.

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