Sunday, August 27, 2006

Social network DIGG gets anti social (or trademark protection), which is not issued yet!!

I was checking out the new blogsearch engine Sphere, and noticed that one of the hot topics, was digggames, cease and desist letter to digggames.com, a site that lists flash games that appear on diggs. (He should have named it DIGGAMES.com). Anyway this seems to be the social discussion of the day. new facts come out like that digg does not have a trademark yet!
like this comment on shoutblog;

August 27th, 2006 at 9:28 am

Digg don’t have a legal trademark in the US, it was only filed for opposition on 8th August this year, that means ANYONE can object to it.""

Within the Shoutblog article is a sentense, that shocked me;
"At the extreme end, mashups would all be considered illegal, squashing all the creative juices that have made web 2.0 innovative and liberating."
Is this tyhe way web 2.0 going? I have seen many a mashups that shows creativity and brilliance. digg thrives on others creations and ideas, read the article on make you go hmm.com;
and you will find ananother view of the problem. I myself is not in the game of trademark stealing but now I am thinking protecting my own.
Anyway I hope this will not come to pass and we all need to learn something from it.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Next step of social networking and upcoming Toshiba Zune, OOPS Microsoft Zune!

The Microsoft's Zune player is bringing Social networking to portable music scene. It is the competitive advantage that it may have against apple's ipod, Zune is allowing users to create mobile social networks and stream music to nearby friends or strangers. However, it seems we will indeed have to wait for a Zune II player that will let you download and buy the music you want on the go. You will still have to connect the current version of Zune to a PC to do that. But the wireless DJ function and the ability to beam photos between devices are still great.
What actually is a wireless DJ function?
It is basically by putting the device in DJ mode allows one to transmit a stream of whatever one is currently listening to four other nearby devices. The streaming can be limited to friends or left open to anyone with a Zune player (this will generate an on-screen notification that you have a listener).
So don't buy any songs, just wait for others to play theirs and just sneak in some songs. If Microsoft is able to challenge ipod and capture a market share big enough, finding a DJ should not be hard. May be even have to choose which DJ to listen to.
Another item of interest is that it is ability to beam photos between devices. send your photo with your songs and you will have a instant friend out of a total stranger! But if M$ is doing what it usually does, your whole life might be on the Zune, and identity thefts will be long gone and identity losts will take it's place.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Let's get anti social!

I was researching, again! about social networks. I found some information. But one article made me laugh at myself! But you need to checkout the article on techcrunch by Mike. Then visit the two sites, ISOLATR and SNUBSTER.
Even the font used on ISOLATR is supposed to be Comic SANS. (The site is meant to be a joke) but SNUBSTER is not really a joke, you can join and make your "dead to me" list!
Anyway have fun! I did.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Social Networking is a mess so we go for community Gatherings

I was researching about social networks and it seems a mess at the moment. Blog space is filling up as fast as web grew in the 90s and perhaps it is better to build a blog community, not just a hit counters and map mash ups.
I am still at work on researching and if any of you want to join my quest, welcome!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Welcome to Blogger beta

I just got this site setup in Google blogger beta. I first read about it on slashdot article and from there ended up reading about it at Significant Blogger Upgrade - Freshblog. From another article on freshblog I came to blogger home page. Tried to convert switch my old blogs but was denied! I said ok and I was presented with my google account login, I logged in and I was asked to create a blog. Here I am with a new idea that I had for a long time, we see people. In this material world we live in we need a place to really connect. We log in to places like myspace and forget about our real friends. Coffee shops, movie theaters, seashores (mountains for who lives far from sea). Anyway I do not have a final product but all the ground work is laid out. I will bring my ideas views on line here.
Thanks Google! for the Beta Blogger (take a tour), I already like it.