Monday, November 24, 2014

Tackling Teen Substance Abuse, One Kid, One Family, One Tablet At A Time For Drug-Free Kids.

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids has been working hard to reduce teen substance abuse. The initiative is also aiding families impacted by addiction.  The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a family-focused nonprofit that help families prevent and cope with teen drug and alcohol abuse by providing resources and direct support.
Sometimes it is hard for families to manage these as the environment has changed much since the parents were teens, both positively and negatively. So reaching out via web and mobile devices takes major part in the project.

Google joined hands with Drug-Free Kids and providing much needed help in the form of  online content and tools. By having information at hand, people will be able to prevent the problems ever from happening and in the unfortunate side, once in the mire of drugs, to get out of it.
So far Google has funded search advertising campaigns, helped develop a mobile app with substance abuse-related information. Also improved Drug-Free Kids website, and revamping of its YouTube channel is in the works. 
On the other hand, Google is helping the process by other means, like efforts of fighting rogue online pharmacies, one of the sources for prescription drugs. This year Google has removed more than 7 million these types of ads.
The Medicine Abuse Project, is bringing together people from all works of the path, parents, educators, health care providers, communities, and law enforcement to help prevent teens from abusing substances like prescription drugs and even the over-the-counter cough medicine. 

The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids via Google

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