Thursday, August 04, 2011

Backing Up Tumblr On PCs and MACs

With a few people, OK a lot of people having doubts about their tumblr with this weeks outage, would normally look for ways to backup their favorite and own tumble.
Tumblr officially provides a MAC application Tumblr Backup, which is simple and to the point. You do not need instructions for using this app as it is a self explanatory application. See the image above.
But the sad part of it, there is no official windows version or Linux version for that matter. But do not despair, you can save your Tumble.
Chris of of Bout Of Context fame has written an equally easy web based Tumblr backup, Backup Jammy. So all your tumbles are safe now.

Backup Jammy
Tumblr Backup application for Mac OS X

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