Friday, June 24, 2011

California : Take a look at all 70 state parks slated for closure!

We visit at least two or may be three national parks and countless state parks and recreational areas a year.

With new budget cuts, there are 70 state parks in California slated to close as of September 1. It looked like nothing but once I saw this slide show, it reminded me of the places I have visited and want to keep on visiting. We have marked Mount Shasta, Monolake, (and two National Parks) to visit this year. We have visited the two state parks, multiple times and I am sure I will never have enough.
It is sad that these places will be inaccessible to us and countless other people. Specially the children. We always take one or two children from our community with us when we visit national or state parks. Our last visit was to Redwood Parks belt in northern California with a bunch of children that lasted almost a week. (Oops sorry it was actually our last trip was to Death Valley but we did not take any children!)
Please watch this show, if possible in it's entirety and perhaps you too can donate, like we did so we might be able to save some of the parks.

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