Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New FLOCK Social Browser, MAC Builds Are Coming This Month.

Flock will finally be available on MAC this month, said the five year old startup. Flock allows users to integrate social networks within the browser, such as twitter, facebook and even LinkedIn :).
The newest Flock, version 3.5 is based on Google's Chromium engine. The initial version, 3.0 ran only on windows platform but now it runs on MAC OS X as well. Of course it runs on Linux as well.
According to a post by Shawn Hardin, CEO and president of the company;

  1. Performance and design: Fast and easy set up, overall browser speed, and fast page loading
  2. The new Flock sidebar: Makes it incredibly easy to follow, find, share, and update all your friends and information
  3. Search: Discovering interesting content from friends when searching in the new Flock 
Flock also tells us that there are about 9.5 million users of which 2.36 Million are active users. They are also seeing 15% increase in active users, every week.
After trying out Rockmelt, I feel Flock to be the better browser. You too could join the crowd, or test it out by downloading Flock 3.5.

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