Thursday, October 07, 2010

Washington DC e-Voting Website Hacked, No e-Voting!

We have been fans of e-voting machines, for a while now. We are yet to like them. Because we feel they are insecure.
But we have another story today. For a week, the D.C. Board of Elections & Ethics requested hacker of any color (Whitehat, Blackhat, grayhat) etc to find faults in the web based voting system, which was designed to allow some 950 military and overseas voters to cast ballots online. The officials were hoping to use it for the November election, for the first time.
Yes, it worked, University of Michigan fight song, called The Victors was uploaded to the site and made to play once ballot is submitted on the thank you page.
Officials promptly took the site down and a scaled-back version of the site was relaunched Tuesday. With a difference,
One could download the ballot but need to mail,fax or e-mail the vote!

Good one for the officials, security matters!
The Washington Times

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