Sunday, September 05, 2010

Is Microsoft Throwing More Than Bing At Google?

Looks like Google is being called into be questioned by Texas Attorney General for it's supposedly anti-trust conduct.
The Texas AG already have asked about some companies that have complaints against Google.It seems that some of the web sites wants to be in the top regardless of their content or intentions. These companies have alleged that Google is unfair in its conduct of search engine ranking and what ever else and even have sought courts aid and have failed in proving their cases.
According to a post published on Google's public policy blog, some of these companies seem to have some common facts  related Microsoft behind them. Comscore tells us that there is a big difference in search engine market share between the two companies. After trying to woe users with various offerings to use Bing for search, it seems the reactions are bit stagnant. Bing has 11% while Google has 65.8% with Yahoo in the middle with 17.1% in explicit core searches in July 2010. (Explicit Core Search” excludes contextually driven searches that do not reflect specific user intent to interact with the search results.)
So is it possible that this is similar to Microsoft's SCO tool against Linux a few years ago, against Google? Well these are the sites sighted by Google in the post, you may decide! Follow those links below as they are not Google sites.

  • Foundem -- the British price comparison site that is backed by ICOMP, an organization funded largely by Microsoft. They claim that Google’s algorithms demote their site because they are a direct competitor to our search engine. The reality is that we don’t discriminate against competitors. Indeed, companies like Amazon, Shopping.com and Expedia typically rank very high in our results because of the quality of the service they offer users. Various experts have taken a closer look at the quality of Foundem’s website, and New York Law School professor James Grimmelmann concluded, “I want Google to be able to rank them poorly.”
  • SourceTool/TradeComet - SourceTool is a website run by parent company TradeComet, whose private antitrust lawsuit against Google was dismissed by a federal judge earlier this year. The media have noted that TradeComet is represented by longtime Microsoft antitrust attorneys, and independent search experts have called SourceTool a “click arbitrage” site with little original content.
  • myTriggers - Another site represented by Microsoft’s antitrust attorneys, myTriggers alleges that they suffered a drop in traffic because Google reduced their ad quality ratings. But recent filings have revealed that the company’s own servers overheated, explaining their reduced traffic.

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