Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Social Search Extend Your Searches Into Your Social Networks.

Google last week told us about a Google's Social Search Demo in "This week in search 10/24/09" and the feature will enhance your searches with information from people you know or blogs that you follow!.
The Google Social Search is an opt-in and it is tightly connected to your Google Profile and GMail. So it will connect to blogs, photo albums, videos, reviews your close ones and friends produce.
Say for instance, if you have your twitter page connected to your Google Profile, the search will extend to blogs, photo albums, videos, reviews written or done by people you follow.
This is available on experiment on Google Labs and like all Google labs fetures, it is an experiment that might make into the mainstream services by Google. You can follow the link after the jump for more information and more videos.

Official Google Blog: Introducing Google Social Search: I finally found my friend's New York blog!


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