Sunday, September 13, 2009

#tc50 Hash Tag For TechCrunch50

I know I will not be lucky enough to attend (I will be in Palo Alto for whole day!) but Dior was waving his entry pass at our faces yesterday. I hope to hear from him more details as well as sticking to regular channels of social media to keep me informed.
TechCrunch has advised all to use #tc50 hash tag for all the for all TC50-related posts, photos, videos, etc and that will be a sure fire way to locate information. You can also use #techcrunch50, if you are happy at typing 8 characters. TC has even given some example how to use the suggested hashtags;
Twitter: #techcrunch50 or #tc50
FriendFeed: #techcrunch50 or #tc50
Flickr: techcrunch50 or tc50
So please be socialable and make my life easier for a day! Give us the news, and use hashtags.
Techcrunch on #tc50

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