Sunday, September 13, 2009

National September 11th Memorial & Museum

Another September 11th has come and passed. I remember how shocked, sad and mad I was on that day. I was at home but in the morning I dropped my girl friend at the campus and saw scores of bewildered people.
I only found what was it when I came home and my jaws dropped, it took me full five minutes to come to senses and call my girl friend and ask her to come home.

Well that eerie feeling still there. I have visited the Ground Zero and what do we find after 8 Years? a big hole. Why can't we build a memorial before all the bickering and in fighting. We should show terrorists that they did not change anything. That we are not scared and we honor our people. Add those people we lost in the wars since September 11 and we have a lot to honor.
But why I started this article is to say about "a website, 911history created by the National September 11th Memorial & Museum in partnership with design firm Local Projects. Make History is a participatory archive that invites people to share their experiences of 9/11 and its aftermath in an effort to preserve the memories of that time. The Museum has created a collaborative storytelling tool that makes innovative use of Street View through the Google Maps API. The Make History site allows people to place and then share their photos and videos in geographical context, collectively piecing together the history that was witnessed, one photo and video at a time."
To participate, simply go to the site and click "Add Your Story." You'll be asked to write about your experience of 9/11 and share your photos and videos, and then to place them at the spot where they were captured.
Learned about it at; 
Google LatLong: Make History with the National September 11th Memorial & Museum
But main Google Blog too had a Article about the same subject.
Official Google Blog: Make History with the National September 11th Memorial & Museum
I told my story, please go tell yours.

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