Monday, August 24, 2009

Collaborating On Picasa, A Dutch Google Lesson

Collaborating On Picasa,
With all my tiny little knowledge of various languages (of which none are in professional capacity) I roam around different language web sites. Specially Google blogs.
One reason I visit them is to horn my language skills and another to learn many a tricks and tips with Google products.
Today I learned a bit of Dutch language and collaboration on Picasa! Which I did not know before.
If you are familiar with Google Docs sharing feature, you know that a bunch of colleagues could work on the same spreadsheet, adding their own columns or rows.
So up to now when it came to photo albums, we all had our own albums that we shared with family but not many worked on a single album, unless you wanted to share your account, which is not advisable, even with your family and friends.
Now Picasa has a collaborating feature that allow multiple people work together on an album. Let us say that a bunch of people went on a holiday together and took many a photos on their own. This group of people want to have a single album that every one can share. Yes it is possible with Picasa now.
The initiator creates and album and adds collaborators by inviting them by email;
Once the photos are in do not forget to use the "Add Name Tag" feature. It is wonderful way to locate the people you know!
Thank you

You can find more on Picasa Collaboration here.

Het Google-product blog: Samenwerken aan Picasa-webalbums

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