Thursday, April 09, 2009

Associated Press! Forces An Affiliate To Takedown Youtube Videos

AP Continue to show that they are still trying to coral the wild horses with straw fences or trying to be media mafia of the present. They post embeddable videos to YouTube and when people post them, even an AP Affiliates, get pulled up for violations. I also do not understand why people post AP News. While Ago they tried to define fair use.
AP does not create news, just like everyone else, they pick up the news from a source, so it is not that hard to find the source of news, which has nothing to do with AP usually, Like the video below which TechCrunch pointed us to (They have a bunch of links to various sources of information on this piece of news!). The video carries an interview of an radio station manager who was stopped by AP and a local producer.
Somewhere in the video, it comes out, "What an idiot!", yes you guessed right!

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