Thursday, March 12, 2009

Social Services Profit, Flickr Collection At Getty Images

Looks like Yahoo found another way to make money from Flickr, for creators of photographs, the middlemen (yahoo and Getty) and who ever else pick up the crumbs, like ad agencies.
The Getty site has a nice Flickr Collection and promises to make it dynamic and larger as time goes by. The pricing is not cheap, $50 for 500KB photo to about $330 for a 47.5MB photo.
The getty images seeing the value of 3 billion and growing collection of photographs, has hand picked photos from user submitted accounts.
More than being another collection, the getty flickr collection has added value in being able to search by categoreis such as concept, people, location, subject and composition.
If you are planing to make money from your photos at flickr, you need to be chosen to sign up with getty images and flickr has all the information on this page, such as;

"How can I participate? Getty Images’ photo editors will identify photos that they would like to feature in the collection and reach out directly to members of the Flickr community via a new platform that we are developing for them.
Hope this will be a better deal for all those photographers! not a dead fish!

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