Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amazon Kindles A DCMA Fight With Kindlers And kindlepid.py!

I am most wrote a foue letter word and Amazon after that. It looks like that Amazons kindle files are actually mobi files and locked.
As usual someone went and found a way through the weak protection so that other books (legally purchased) could be read on Kindle. So the application or the script that provided the means were found on the net, somewhere.
Then someone, who was interested in these mobile stuff, posted a link to the files and got a take down notice from Amazon.
Well I thought Amazon and Kindle was cool and was genuinely happy to see kindle for iPhone but I know now, how I will read my books.
Time to look for a ebook reader for iphone. Oh Four letter word Amazon, I am going to get Moleskin Book out of my iPhone ;)

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