Thursday, February 12, 2009

Social Trails On Android-Powered Phones, With My Tracks.

I have been a GPS fan for a very long time. Geo tagging was a part of my life even before the digital cameras became part of daily like now. But those day (even Now) most people carry a GPS device, Camera (Or GPS enabled Camera) and record their trails or photographic wanderings. Then they come home and plug the device into a computer and do bunch of things to merge data with map services like Google Maps.
But Now, with My Tracks for Android based phones, can do these things in a much simpler way. All these could be done via an Android based phone, like T-Mobile G1. Too bad I cannot run it on my iPhone. But I have another program on iPhone that performs similar task, GPSlite.
The above trails were created by Sandor, a software Developer at Google
Official Google Blog: Happy trails with My Tracks for Android-powered phones

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