Thursday, February 12, 2009

Google Book Search Goes Mobile With 1.5 Million Books.

As you can see from the image above, I am on the Google's recently announced Book Search Mobile site. I value books a lot and I have read a lot, a lot more than an average person (but it seems that it has not helped me in writing!) and I have a section of the house, yes you can call it a study, dedicated to books. There are thousands of books and I feel like I am in the center of imaginary and real world at the same time.
I have browsed through Google Books, found books that I have not read or seen before. But now I can take my study where ever I go. I was more than thrilled to see all those titles on the Mobile book search site and I am sure I will spend more time there. Since iPhone gives me constant connection, I will be walking through all those books more often. I think more than those iPhone games now!
Inside Google Book Search: 1.5 million books in your pocket

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