Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Or Give Your Lacal News At Patch

If you were worried about your local news paper dying of vanishing over night, fear not. According to an article I read over at John Battelle's blog, Patch which is beta now ready bring you your local news by local journalists.
The important part of this is the fact that many ties the demise of newspapers to Google, Google Advertising somehow. And who is supporting this Local News Startup? Google's vice president of advertising, Tim Armstrong. As John noted, the about page of patch lists this under the Investor;
"Polar Capital Group, Tim Armstrong's private investment company, is an investor in Patch. Polar invested in Patch because Tim believes that Patch should be in every community in America, and wants Patch in his town. He wants to read local news stories done by journalists, make sure that local government is transparent and accountable, see all the ways he can give back to his community, and have his town be as interesting and alive online as it is offline. Tim is also a believer in American ingenuity and knows that products like Patch will help deliver a commercially viable way for communities to support the important work of local journalists, institutions, governments, and businesses. Tim works at Google and his family lives in a Connecticut patch."
Google folded it's news paper advertising and radio advertising recently.
Do you belive news papers will die? In either case, you can join and create your own Patch!
John Battelle's blog post
Patch Beta

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