Friday, January 16, 2009

Tweetnews! Twitter Authorized Yahoo News!

Determining how fresh and relevant the news are a question to news publishing sites. Sorting them by time has been the initial method with some other authorization schema has brought us the fresh and relevant news to us.
But Yahoo developer Vik Singh has seen that perhaps binding the time stamped Yahoo news articles with Twitter and order them by the number of tweets, Tweetnews, could be of a better relevance. Yes, they seem to be. I did a few searches and was happy with the results. (Above is a search on Israel on Tweetnews and at the bottom is the same done on Yahoo News at the same time.)
Vik has written a very good blog post on the suject and sums ip up as "To sum up, the contributions of this service are: (1) Real-time search + freshness (2) Stitching social commentary to authoritative sources of information (3) Another (hopefully cool) BOSS example."

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