Monday, January 05, 2009

Plugged In Twitter

I just installed Firefox plugin, Power Twitter. (So new that I have not restarted my browser yet as some other web application is running on another tab and hence the screen caps from the web. But I have seen and played with the installation on my partners browser).
Power Twitter seem to be a must for twitters who twitch their fingers wanting to do more with their twitter. From what I have seen so far it gives a real boost to the twitter. Praises have come from techcrunch to me and many other web dignitaries in between.

With this plugin, Twitter now can include:

  • Photo sharing with embedded flickr photos
  • Video sharing with embedded youtube videos
  • Shared tinyurls are unwound so you know where they link to (No more twiter Phishing) and url translation to page titles
  • All links are mapped to their web page titles
  • Additional user information is mapped to twitter users thanks to data conduits via 30 Boxes (e.g. flickr accounts, blog posts, del.icio.us links, and tons of other social media!, such as Facebook status updates, inline YouTube, Flickr, and TwitPic,
  • Search, search scoped to a specific user, status history peeking on mouseover.
  • open web update (news feed) mapping
You can get the plugin from the link below but you may want to follow the discussion and information on Social|Median first. The app comes from 30 boxes!

Plugin from Mozilla.org


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