Saturday, October 04, 2008


You have seen the debates and you yourself debated about the merits of your party and your candidates. You may have seen numerous people working harder than ever before to make this election a better one. You see the rallies, you hear and read about causes but at the end it would not matter if you DO not VOTE. So please vote for your chosen candidate!
Everyone in the United States are gearing up for the elections. and some are starting their own campaigns for elections, like the video below with some of your entertainers like, Leonardo DiCaprio, will.i.am, Tobey Maguire, Forrest Whitaker and a bunch more.

Google is also working hard to bring you the information like Google's Voter Info Map (Voting location information will be available by mid-October.). This map brings together registration, absentee and early voting information in one place. (Mobile version is available at m.google.com/elections.)
Also check out the Voting Information Project and the League of Women Voters for more information. There will be nothing more that bring joy to weseepeople than to see People voting!

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